Arbitration & Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution has existed for decades. Mediation is a frequent tool used in legal disputes to help the parties find resolution before they submit their case to court. Mary Beth Hagan is a Rule 31 Listed Civil Mediator in the State of Tennessee and frequently serves as the mediator to bring the parties to resolution. Mary Beth has particular strength in helping parties find resolution of disputes even before anyone files an action in court. She brings a creative mindset to the mediation rooms in order to help the parties view their disputes differently. With her background in business and construction litigation, Mary Beth can bring valuable insight to mediation.

Likewise, with her vast construction and business law experience, Mary Beth serves as an arbitrator when parties choose a private forum instead of court. She serves on the panel of arbitrators with the American Arbitration Association and is often hired to hear a case and render a decision. Arbitration is initiated through the parties’ contract, and Mary Beth is available to serve as a neutral decision-maker.

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